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West Midlands government grants are available for businesses and entrepreneurs residing in the West Midlands. These grants are provided from the UK government to support local businesses in the area. Grants can be awarded for all kinds of purposes such as establishing or expanding a business, performing R&D work, hiring new employees, and many other purposes. Inform yourself about the many available programmes on our funding programmes page.

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Applying for grants from the government means finding a programme suited for your needs first. Businesses in the West Midlands could receive funding from both local and national governments. In addition, there are many different funding councils which take care of administering various funding programmes, so finding the right programme is not always easy. With our funding finder, you donít have to research many websites. Simply fill out a couple of questions, and get your personalised funding results.

Info on West Midlands government grants: 0800 082 3445

If your require more information on government funding in the West Midlands, call the UK Business Funding Centre now at 0800 082 3445.

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£75,000 UK Government Grant Awarded to Improve Ventilating Technologies

£75,000 UK Government Grant Awarded to Improve Ventilating Technologies

Government funding to improve heating naturally ventilated buildings The main aim of the awarded government grant money is to improve the ability of operating many naturally ventilated e-stack systems in big, indoor... View Details
£2,274 Provided in Government Financing and a Business Loan to Start Business Designs

£2,274 Provided in Government Financing and a Business Loan to Start Business Designs

Government business loan helps old hand move in new directions Following twenty-five years working in the design industry, Kim Williams began freelancing. He found a great deal of design work in the education sector so,... View Details

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