What are Co Working Spaces?
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There is no guide for small business that can be utilized in every situation but when you are opening a new business you may find that you need to utilize non-traditional methods for your office and one of the methods is co-working space. Co-working space allows you to work in a smaller amount of space for your employees and may reduce your expenses that you face when renting or purchasing an office site. Co-working spaces can be an option but consider these potential issues you could face before you employ this strategy.

Personality clashes

First and foremost, when you are utilizing this strategy you run the risk of personality clashes causing problems in the tight confines of co-working spaces. If employees cannot co-exist peacefully or their work habits are interrupted by each otherís then you will lose efficiency and all the benefits you gained with co-working spaces and risk your small business.

Phone calls

Conducting business when another person is in close proximity can be disruptive to both parties in the co-working space. If you must utilize co-working spaces then consider having meeting rooms available where employees can conduct calls privately without disturbing the co-working space partners.


Another downfall to co-working space is when one employee is very neat and organized and the other is more haphazard. In this situation the employees run the risk of getting on each otherís nerves once again, when one employee constantly makes a mess around the other employee.

Funding assistance

If business funding is driving the co-working strategy consider grants for businesses UK to help. The Funding Finder Tool or the business funding tips can help to develop the budget you need to be successful and fund a building that meets your needs.

When you start out it may be necessary to downsize and use a small building out of necessity but when you look at the risks, be very careful before you follow this strategy or it may impact your business more than just financially.


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