Can UK government training grants help someone locate a new job?

You may qualify for UK government training grants that may help you locate a new job, but you should also consider this sort of government support if you are starting a business and are in need of additional financing or if you are already self-employed and need more funds for continuing business development. It can sometimes be difficult locating a government grant for training specifically, or a more standard funding grant that allows the provided government money to be used in this manner, so you may need some help. The United Kingdom Business Funding Centre may be able to help you locate appropriate UK government training grants, so ring us up at 0800 856 1564, or you may choose to submit our online contact form.

UK Government Training Grants

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£15,000 in Government Assistance Helps EntrepreneurLaunch Specialist Bakery

£15,000 in Government Assistance Helps EntrepreneurLaunch Specialist Bakery

Making the transition from a home-based small business into something more Sylvester Markham, a man with more than two decades behind him to master the baking industry's ins and outs, has introduced his own small... View Details
£450k Govt Grant Provided to Help Plastics Sorting Launch New Recycling Facility

£450k Govt Grant Provided to Help Plastics Sorting Launch New Recycling Facility

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