How does the government provide financial support for starting a small business?

If you want financial support for starting a small business, the multitude of government loan and grant programmes may be for you. If you are eligible you can apply for money from the government that can be used to help you reach success without being buried under start up costs. There are programmes specifically for new small businesses, and the loans are often provided at better rates than at the bank. You want to find out if you are eligible and then write proposals to specific programmes when seeking funding. To start the process, fill out the form on our website For further information. Alternatively, dial 0800 856 1564 to speak with someone at the UKBFC who can help you along the way.

Government Financial Support For Starting A Business Small

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Kapak Foods Gets 220,000 Funding Grant to Expand and Create New Jobs

Kapak Foods Gets 220,000 Funding Grant to Expand and Create New Jobs

Small business jobs created thanks to government assistance A regional development agency responsible for providing business finance has granted 220,000 to finance Kapak Foods, creating over sixty new jobs and aiding... View Details
Healthcare recruitment agency gets help with 5000 loan

Healthcare recruitment agency gets help with 5000 loan

Petros Jinga is the director and recruitment manager at Support Care Recruitment Ltd. a nursing and homecare recruitment agency which matches individuals with the right nurses, health care workers and support workers. Petros has been working in the healthcare industry for... View Details

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