Does the government have grants for farming businesses?

Yes, the government has grants for various farming businesses and they are available via different farming grants. The government knows about the importance of farming and agricultural industries to enhance and assist their further improvisations, the government has created and designed the farming grant programs, along with farming loan programs too. With the funds availed through them, one can acquire various financial aspect of his or her farm and meet every farming requirement. To know further, visit us online and fill out the web query form or dial 0800 856 1564, in order to talk to our experts.

Government Farming Grants

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Company Accepts £143,028 Government Grant to Improve Heat-Pump System

Company Accepts £143,028 Government Grant to Improve Heat-Pump System

Government Grant helps local small business improve its technology £143,028 in business government grants has been awarded to EA Technical Services so they may examine ways to improve a heat-pumping mechanism in order... View Details
£29,500 UK Government Grant to Hire Graduate to Improve Operations

£29,500 UK Government Grant to Hire Graduate to Improve Operations

Financial assistance to encourage innovation in the recycling industry Based in Dungannon, CK International have seen a 40% rise in their annual turnover since making a commitment to the InterTradeIrelandís FUSION... View Details

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