How can women in the process of starting up their own small business apply for UK government grants?

Women who are setting up a small business can apply for UK government grants by writing proposals for the programmes they are interested in. To find UK government grants that you can use you must know what you need to use the money for and how much you need, and search for grants that will fit these stipulations. Each programme also has its own prerequisite conditions. So, these must be considered also. There are also special grants which are only open to women which may be useful to apply for because they generally have less competition for them than one's open to the entire population. Learn more by filling out the form on our website. You may also call us at the United Kingdom Business Funding Centre, 0800 856 1564.

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UK based start-up business receives 10,000 government loan

UK based start-up business receives 10,000 government loan

Lesley Gallacher has been a practicing therapist for over 10 years. Lesley has spent her career focusing on self-esteem; relationship issues; low mood; anxiety; addiction, sexuality, disability, health and career stress. Lesley is a strong believer in CBT therapies and... View Details
250,000 Government Grant to Create a Recovery System for Wasted Electricity

250,000 Government Grant to Create a Recovery System for Wasted Electricity

UK government grant to develop electric power generation from waste heat sources The main aim of this government grant provided to DRD Power Ltd for 250,000 is to invest in the creation of a system that can recover... View Details

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