UK Government Funding Purposes for Small Businesses

Starting a UK business, let alone making it successful is a very costly endeavour that almost always requires some form of outside funding in order to accomplish. There are many different avenues and purposes that must be paid for before a business can truly be successful. These purposes may include: acquisition, business development, trade shows, consulting / financing services, equipment, expansion capital, exploration, evaluation, business planning, job creation, marketing, new business startups, product development/improvement, productivity, operating capital, renovations, maintenance, upgrades, research, development, training, certification and wage support.

The task of finding funding for your business regardless of the purpose can seem very daunting at first. However, the truth is that many UK based entrepreneurs receive government funding for their businesses on a regular basis. To date over 8,000 recipients have already reported their success stories to the UKBFC, you can read about their successes on our site.

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