Government Relocation Incentives

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If you are willing (or eager) to move to a new facility, or even a new region, you may find financial incentives that make the move much more attractive. Governments utilise such incentives as tax reimbursements, tax credits, payroll rebates and R&D tax credits to encourage desirable businesses to move or expand into their jurisdiction. One common requirement among all these kinds of incentive programmes is the creation of a specified number of jobs at a determined salary within a set time frame.

Another type of incentive programme is the business development fund. These programmes are designed to encourage and support strategic investments in new business opportunities for large-scale, export-based petroleum production, manufacturing and servicing.

Training assistance programmes are another incentive tool that governments have up their sleeves to entice businesses. Some programmes provide financial funding to encourage business owners to create long-term employment opportunities, especially with regard to unemployed individuals and post-secondary graduates. Other programmes offer wage subsidies to eligible employers in exchange for employers providing job experiences to post-secondary graduates or unemployed individuals.

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