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In addition to money, the government provides a number of programmes which offer valuable services and resources. These might include training programmes, consulting services, mentorship programmes, the opportunity to attend trade fairs abroad and introductions to potential suppliers, partners and customers. In many cases, these services would normally bear a substantial cost, so you are not only getting the business building value of the service, but you are saving money too.

Various government programmes are available to businesses that are currently or attempting to export to the global markets. Workshops, training seminars and courses on international trade and designated certifications are available through colleges, universities or private organisations. There are also trade offices or commissions that exist to assist companies with business plans and strategies for export and marketing. Each government programme also offers various tools and guides available to help businesses export their products or services.

Government business development offices exist to provide assistance to businesses with assessing, planning and implementing solutions that correspond to the current development stage of individual businesses. Tools are also available to assist businesses with their business plans, self-assessment tests for potential entrepreneurs or consultation with business service professionals. Some other services that are available to businesses range from different types of financing to venture capital services.

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