Frequently Asked Questions

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General funding questions

Am I guaranteed to receive funding?

Are assistance programs from the various government taxable?

Are there any industry-specific government assistance programmes available?

Can I apply to more than one programme?

How can I apply for a government grant?

How do government programmes and information packages help my business?

How does an access to resources programme help me?

How long will it take to receive the financial aid?

What are conditionally repayable contributions?

What does equity financing mean?

What is a government grant?

What is a government loan?

What is a grant for relocation?

What is a guaranteed government purchase of my goods or services?

What is a tax rebate or tax relief?

What is government funded insurance for businesses?

What is property tax relief?

Where can I find information about available grants?

Why does UKBusinessGrants use a ".org" domain?

Will my location or my industry be eligible for government funding?

General business questions

Any truth to rumours that governments have stopped funding for businesses?

Are any resources available to me as an entrepreneur?

I have a business partner; do we need to fill out a joint application?

Is there some sort of minimum size of business eligible to receive funding?

Why is the government suddenly starting to give financial aid to small businesses?

Will I have to show my financial records to the government when I apply?

Wouldnít it be easier to do my own research or to hire a professional consultant?

Questions about the UKBFC

Does the UK Business Funding Centre provide funding directly from the government?

Have you facilitated the funding for the Success Stories and Recipients on this site?

What is the best way to contact the UK Business Funding Centre (UKBFC)?

What is the UK Business Funding Centre?

What UKBFC products and services are available and what are their costs?

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