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Start-up grants for young entrepreneurs

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Start-up grants for young entrepreneurs a possibility

The UK government already offers various start-up grants meant to help students secure educational loans when in university. In a similar thought, the prime minister has talked about his plans for introducing start-up grants for young entrepreneurs.

Start-up grants tremendous opportunity for young entrepreneurs

The prime minister himself was addressing a small business audience at a place called Maidenhead in the UK, when the idea of start-up grants for young entrepreneurs was addressed. The idea or the concept of start-up grants evolved from the recommendation of eminent British business magnate Sir Richard Branson who is best known for his Virgin group of more than 400 companies. The idea was published in a report where a list of proposals was laid out, highlighting the possible ways and steps that the government can adopt to foster entrepreneurship by young people in the UK. The report was based on a thorough research by the Virgin Media Pioneers campaign which strives towards empowering young entrepreneurs in the UK.

Conditions for start-up grants for students

The existing system in the UK offers student loans up to £9,000 annually to those who successfully finish their school to pursue higher education. Most of all the loans are given at low interest rates. But no such loan facility is available for promising young people who take up entrepreneurship. Young entrepreneur Zoe Jackson asked the prime minister as to why students are†treated†favourably†and not those who have valid business ideas. In reply, the prime minister assured Jackson that he will consider this idea and is keen to forward start-up grants to aspiring entrepreneurs as well.

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