I need assistance obtaining a grant for my business, where can I find it? - Business Grants and Government Funding News

I need assistance obtaining a grant for my business, where can I find it?

Miranda Atkinson

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In obtaining a grant to start or fund your small business project, you may find that the process is long, complicated or confusing. Many who apply for free money seek assistance to find the correct government loan or grant programme for their specific needs.

Assistance for getting information regarding a business grant is available

There are resources available to offer assistance with researching the various government funds, saving you time and improving your chance of successfully applying by gather the information you need in one place rather than searching the individual online sources.

Getting assistance in your search for a business grant need not be out of reach

Keep in mind that all financial assistance programmes have their own eligibility requirements and intended uses, and loans also have their own interest rates, terms and repayment schedules. If you want assistance locating the information you desire regarding government funding research for your small business, the United Kingdom Business Funding Centre may be contacted or through its online email form.

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Find what funding schemes you qualify for

Take 45 seconds to learn how much money your small business may be able to receive in government grants and/or loans if you meet the criteria. While no one can guarantee you funding the more you know the better.

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