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Swimming school gets secured thanks to government grant

Swimming school gets secured thanks to government grant
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Hartlepool, England

Alison Abbott is a mom and an entrepreneur. After attending swimming classes with her little boy Alison felt inspired to become a baby and preschool swimming teacher. To achieve her goals, Alison began taking lessons in March 2014 and continues her training and certification to this day.

In January 2015, Alison decided to purchase a Puddle Ducks franchise. Puddle Ducks is a baby and preschool swimming company that focuses on teaching children ages 0-5 how to have fun in the water while being safe.

Alison came across and registered with the UKBFC website when she was first looking for training assistance for her new business. However, it wasn't until she needed security funding that she was able to find what she was looking for.

Hartlepool England based entrepreneur received funding to set up business security system

Alison was directed towards the Business Security Grant Scheme offered by the Harlepool Borough Council. "The Business Security Grant Scheme is part of the Hartlepool Borough Council Business Grants Package and is available to all businesses based within the Borough of Hartlepool. The fund is designed to help businesses to implement security measures to their premises and sites, including; CCTV, Security Alarm, Roller Shutters, Security Doors, Window Grilles, Security Fencing, Security Lighting."

In order to receive funding, Alison said "we contacted the council about an alarm system. They went through a few questions with us and approved us for a security system. We contacted two external companies who came out to give us quotes. We passed both quotes onto the council who then arranged for the work to be done. Once the work was carried out we received the funding". Specifically, through this program Alison was able to secure a £500 grant which she put towards installing a dial alarm system.

This funding proved very valuable to Alison and her business, "As we are a new business, funds become very tight when starting out so every little bit helps."

Alison's advice to other entrepreneurs who are looking for business funding is to " Give it a try as there is funding out there, people just donít know where to look for it".

As for Alison's own business, even though the business has only been open for a few month Alison already has over 120 customers. Alison already has two employees, one qualified teacher and one poolside assistant that is in the process of also becoming a teacher. Alison is looking forward to expanding the franchise and really making it into a big success.

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