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National Apprenticeship Service - AGE 16 to 24

National Apprenticeship Service

Funding aid is offered to assist companies located in England, so that they can take on apprentices and have some of the training costs met.

Applicants can submit an application if they are a company that employs an apprentice and the apprentice works for at least 16 hours a week and an element of on the job training is offered. Businesses with up to 1000 employees may apply. Each business may receive up to 10 grants. Apprentices must be hired for a minimum of 12 months.

Funding is offered according to the age of the apprentice. So if an apprentice is aged 16-18, then 100% of costs are met. If they are aged 19-24, then 50% of costs are met. If the apprentice is 25 or over, then further details are available for contribution rates.

Hotline, National Apprenticeship Service, Tel: 0800 0150 600
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